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Hawaiian monk seal

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Bubbles Below Mission Statement:

Inspiring Divers to care about the marine world through encounters, education and natural curiosity. We are committed to sustaining the character and the reef residents of our many dive sites.

Bubbles Below Staff believes that a powerful positive dive experience will create passionate present and future stewards of the ocean and its inhabitants and protect the oceans through awareness and education.

Special Thanks:

We want to thank all of our wonderful divers and friends who have been sending us feedback as well as spectacular pictures of their dives with us! Going through all the pictures, we still found ourselves saying “wow” and reliving those special moments underwater. We are so glad to have been able to share these great memories, and we are grateful that you have chosen to share your pictures with us and others!
We would especially like to thank Doug Perrine, Julie Kelly, Irv Kaplan, Patricia Simone, Ferro Hernan, Kyle Swann, Mark Siemens, Mike Thompson, Tim Wessels, Ed Coe, Emily Goodnight, Eric Skaar, and Jason Crowder for your pictures and videos. You have contributed so much to making this website a reality! From stunning topographical shots to amazing critters, all of you have impressed us with your photography and kindness.