Bubbles Below Goes Green for Blue Water Futures

We are committed to sustaining the character and the reef residents of our many dive sites. One of the ways to do so was to put in day use moorings. Owner, Linda Marsh was organizer of day use moorings on Kauai after Hurricane Iniki destroyed so much coral. The first moorings were drilled in 1993. We do not have moorings everywhere as that would be obtrusive. However, if there is no mooring present it’s either a free descent with out a line or we swim down the anchor placing it where it will cause no damage.

Another way we show our commitment to sustainable diving practices is to not “hit’ the same site daily, allowing marine life to “relax” from divers presence. We emphasize and appreciate natural curiosity of divers and reef residents without chasing behavior.

Since we recognize that necessary boat travel to and from dive sites contributes to the overall human carbon footprint, we have tempered some of out “Diver effect” by pumping our tanks with a 5kw Photovoltaic system. In the first nine months of operation we have saved 15,00 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions!!

Plastic water bottles can be recycled, but how many actually are and at what cost to the environment? We recognize the need to limit plastics and address this by offering metal water bottles which are refilled when emptied and washed with the power of the sun.

Mission Statement:

Bubbles Below Staff believes that a powerful positive dive experience will create passionate present and future stewards of the ocean and its inhabitants and continue it’s protection thru awareness and education we provide.