First to offer Niihau, Na Pali, north shore and east side dives

Bubbles Below can offer a range of dives to intrepid experienced divers to the beginner divers. Let us know your experience and your desired visions underwater and we will tell you where to go! Er, that didn’t come out quite right…

FIRST to offer Niihau & Lehua Rock as a dive destination…

…way back in 1983! We were the first to offer Niihau charters with a 6 passenger vessel as well as our certified vessel. We have offered the 6 passenger charters since 2006. You will love the topographical diversity between Niihau and Lehua Crater! Monk Seals, rays, sharks, whale sharks, fishfalls, dolphins and whales! OH MY! Bubbles Below will have you by the Walls! And huge lava tubes, mouths 100ft wide!

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FIRST and ONLY to offer Mana Crack and Na Pali coast dive sites

Mana Crack is an 11 mile long sunken barrier reef of finger coral. Over the centuries it has been pounded by huge surf which has caused large fissures and chunks to crack off, turning 180 degrees upside down! These cracks we swim thru are home to large uluas, as well as smaller fish. Great topography, and we know its all about habitat! Our surface interval is spent on the NaPali Coastline which is the second fastest eroding coastline in the world. With its spiraling peaks and majestic valleys it is the absolute best surface interval in the world while having lunch! This is world class drift diving without having to cross an open ocean channel.

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FIRST and ONLY to offer North Shore boat dives once again!

In the 80s and the 90s we offered our dive charters out of Hanalei. Then the years of boating wars began and we moved permanently down to the south side of the island. We have begun to offer up these sites once again, OMG, its so retro, They are NEW! Yep you get to drive down to Port Allen and then ride a boat back up to the north shore. Gee, you get to view the WHOLE NA PALI COAST, the most beautiful coastline in the world.

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FIRST and ONLY to offer East Side Dives

East side dives typically open up in the winter time when we get the doldrums of wind. We visited quite a bit this year in 2011 and loved the huge jacks!

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