Weddings & Memorial Services

Hawaiian Blessings / Beautiful Memories

Rocket boat blessing, Kauai, Hawaii

Bubbles Below IS family. We have dealt with our own joys, accomplishments/failures, marriages/broken hearts, and deaths.

We offer services with the vessels for wedding parties to to and from beaches, marriages underwater as well as on the boat. We offer Hawaiian ministers for Hawaiian blessings for renewals of vows to 1 yr. parties. Got a reason for a blessing? No problem! Surviving cancer is a blessing! Make it so, by honoring your health.

Vessels are also rendered for memorial services. We can obtain the permits for ash spreading and flower lei drops. On several occasions after the family remembers their loved ones and spreads the ash into the ocean, everyone swims together. So very often, the dolphins show up!

Please inquire about pricing, we are family and believe in celebrating Life!