Southwest Kauai dive sites

First to offer southwest Kauai dive sites!

Hinneocus Horehouse

This drift dive is in the current, so planktavores abound!

Lip Service

Awesome erosion sea caves which are home to crustaceans. Excellent swim-bys by pelagics

Amber’s Arches

Huge lava tube, covered in cup coral which resembles flowers when feeding! Many crabs, shrimp and unusual fish here.

Shauna’s Shelves

White tip reef sharks and turtles! Named for my daughter, you will love the double arch and erosional sea caves that remind me of the black spots on rolling dice.


Pretty dive with much of the lava covered in red sponge. So many eels, live cowry shells, and lobsters

Cliff Hanger

A triple arch lava tube system with a super nice erosion sea cave close by. Excellent for large jacks, sharks, leaf fish

Salt Pond Surprise

Very pretty drift through lava fingers encrusted with nice coral heads. Large schools of snappers and surgeons.

Hale O Honu

Turtles Turtles Turtles, and sharks, dragon morays, frogfish, and harlequin shrimp. We are blessed to have this site so close to the harbor!

Happy Talk

Close to Hale with lots of turtles and sharks

Wild Side

Drift dive for the experienced with lionfish and large jacks; strong current

Kekaha Ledge

Beautiful black coral trees, sharks, frogfish, crabs


Massive school of snappers, so that the whole bottom looks alive. Lots of sharks