Friendly Facts / Questions commonly asked and answers rarely heard!

We often get a variety of questions that sometimes you just can’t answer with a straight face. I will try to clarify some of these right away.

Yes, the water does go completely around the island.
No, it does not go underneath the island.
Yes, it is all the Pacific Ocean.
No, the waterfalls are not salt water.
Yes, we speak English, er, sort of….
No, the other land you are seeing across the ocean on the west side is NOT the Mainland.
Yes, some of us who have read “Fluke” actually call our NW migratory visitors “Humpies!” Please consider reading Christopher Moore’s book ‘Fluke.’
No, it’s never rained here before! This is NEW, no wonder we are called the wettest place on Earth!

Other True questions and answers:
What is the water temperature?
  • Jan – early May: ~ 74 degrees, which means a 5mm wetsuit with a vest and the hot shower onboard is good.
  • May to Oct: ~ 78 degrees is the trigger for the coral spawn in May. Then the temperature typically lowers several degrees after that affair for several weeks before rebounding back up ~79 degrees to a summer high of 81 degrees 1-5mm suits are fine
  • Oct-Dec. ~ temp slowly falls to a comfortable temp for the humpback whales and depends on local north winds. ~75-76degrees – back to the 5mm suit.
When is the best time to dive here?

Well, depends on who you would like to swim with underwater! We really like every month and so we dive year-round.

  • From January through April, we have SO MANY humpback whales around it’s sometimes hard to drive the boat! And they sing and sing! First crustacean spawn is usually the third week of January, and it is intense! You can get the “crabs” and be cool with it! Yellow frogfish the size of your fingernail are settling out, munching on these crustacean spawn. Oh, and there are so many unmated shrimp who will take you on, and clean up your act! Manta rays mate in February and congregate in schools at several of our dive locations.
  • May thru Oct.
    We Rock underwater! Major coral spawn triggers everything in May. Whalesharks – end of May – June,
    The monk Seals return to Lehua Crater and the fights ensue over territory!
    Horizontal migration occurs from Papahanoumokuakea, bringing forth large jacks, spotted knifejaws, the extremely rare and the weird.
    Large sharks/killer whales are following the humpbacks. Yes, we see humpies as late as second week in June. GO HOME, you need to eat!
  • Nov/Dec The return of the humpies! Gee, now it must seem like this is a big deal. Well, it is! Humpies come right up to dive groups and sometimes hang out with them. Last year there was one who never left the group for 1 hr. Several years ago on one dive charter to Niihau divers were groaning about ANOTHER humpy underwater. That charter saw 9 different individuals underwater! Can we guarantee this vision? Of course not. However, there are more Humpbacks now. It is estimated that the NW population which frequents our waters numbers around 17,000. Every year we seem to have more encounters. This year the Federal government is considering removing them from the endangered species list due to their increase in numbers.
Why should I dive with Bubbles Below?
  • Expect to be treated with respect as to your diving and ability.
  • With our experienced eye we can stop a problem long before it becomes a larger one.
  • We enjoy sharing the marine ecology information with you and do so, while sharing smiles and jokes
  • Small, personalized dive charters, with the marine naturalist diving with you
  • No harassment policy including a NO ink policy with octopus
  • Cause we are fun! We even let you dive naked, right Michelle?