Na Pali Coast / Mana Crack

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Mana Crack is an 11 mile long sunken barrier reef of finger coral. Over the centuries it has been pounded by huge surf which has caused large fissures and chunks to crack off, turning 180 degrees upside down! These cracks we swim through are home to large uluas (jacks 50-100lbs), as well as smaller fish. The largest eel in the world, the Java Moray can often be found here. There is great topography, and we know its all about habitat! This side of the island can be dived year round except for the occasional swell which prohibits access to safe diving.

Our surface interval is spent on the Na Pali Coastline which is the second fastest eroding coastline in the world. With its spiraling peaks and majestic valleys it is the absolute best surface interval in the world while having lunch! This is world class drift diving without having to cross an open ocean channel. An excellent worthwhile dive area for nitrox.

You get all of the advantages of diving nitrox here without any of the potential disadvantages. A total Win-Win situation! The diving profiles are “straight” in this area. Diving the cracks is so interesting that generally you want to hang in them and enjoy for as long as possible. However, it is a straight 80ft, which means you often can get caught on allowed bottom time. Not so with nitrox! You get more bottom time for your buck! And you can’t exceed your max operating depth as the bottom max is 90 ft.

Not certified in nitrox? No problem! We will give you a nitrox introduction and afterwards if you wish to become certified in nitrox, we will deduct $27.00 from your certification class.


Mondays (Want a different day? Just ask!)
year-round during the weather windows
6:30am – 2:30pm

Na Pali + Mana Crack

Charter includes: tanks, weights, catering: You’ll have a light breakfast heading out for your first dive, surfacing for the best geological and Hawaiian culture talk offered while touring the Na Pali Coast with your lunch of hot soup, pizza and cold sandwiches, fresh fruit and unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Nitrox package is $30.00 for (2) 80cuft bottles. If you are not certified in nitrox, we offer a $10.00 on board nitrox introduction.

Riders are welcome, though they should understand that the underwater portion of the charter is all about the diver’s safety, so snorkeling options are present but limited. We take no more than 9 passengers FOR YOUR COMFORT!
Rider / Snorkeler cost: $175.

Simply Mana

Everyone should see the Na Pali Coast every time they visit Kauai. However, sometimes it’s really just about the diving and frankly Mana Crack is good enough to stand alone. It also doesn’t get wiped out with dirty water when we are in the monsoons. We certainly have enjoyed many days diving pristine clear waters at Mana when the south side is mucked up. We spend less fuel offering it without the Na Pali cruise and we pass these savings on to you! Clean water, great dives, awesome fun!

Learn more about our 3-tank Mana Crack dive and the rest of our advanced adventure dives here.

Its all about the SHARKS and TOPOGRAPHY above and below the waterline. It’s such a grand day, it deserves its own header on this website!

This is drift diving at its best! We sometimes fly on the inside of a sunken barrier reef with massive cracks that a diver can immerse him or herself into. On either side of you are walls 50ft. high, so that you can reach out and touch both sides as you weave in and out of this ancient finger coral bed. Expect to see lots of grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and occasionally other species. Excellent seasonal encounters with rays.

This dive area is the closest you can be to Papahānoumokuākea, our new National Monument which extends up the northwestern Hawaiian Island chain. It is the “Drop zone” for migratory species as well as the wandering individual. We actually have a pair of sling jaw wrasses here, acropora coral, morwongs, spotted knifejaws and other species, not found normally in the main Hawaiian Islands.

Gray Reef Shark

Located on the west side of Kauai, Mana Crack is generally where we offer most of our diving. We offer up breakfast as we cruise to the first dive site, usually about an hour run. Typically we encounter spinner dolphins. Sometimes, during breeding season, there are massive superpods with hundreds and hundreds of dolphins. We are not in a hurry, so we typically will hang out with these coastal marine mammals for awhile. A coastal tour of Kauai, with the geology and history of the island is included.

Our first dive is usually at 50-90 ft, and typically there is current. After that ride through the cracks, we tour the Na Pali Coastline while serving up lunch. Since we do not take a vessel larger than 36ft. we are able to enter into various sea caves as well as the Open Ceiling Cave, where Hawaiian legend says that the Goddess Pele and the Sea Goddess, Namakaokaha’i, fought and Pele dropped the ceiling on the Sea Goddess attempting to smash her. The majestic valleys and the spiraling peaks are without a doubt the most beautiful surface interval imaginable.

We then cruise back and dive a second dive typically 40-80ft, tending to mix up many different dive locations. Most visitors come to Kauai and see the Na Pali Coast, we are the only company who offers up good diving for experienced divers with it as a twofer!