Niihau & Lehua Scuba Adventure

Bubbles Below will have you by the walls!

6:30am -5:00pm
Typically offered on Wednesday and Saturday, however, we often can put together charters on other days with a party of 6 or more, please inquire.

Charter includes 3 tanks of air, weights, a light breakfast and 2 lunches of hot soup, pizza, cold sandwiches and fresh fruit, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, marine ecology tour, snorkeling.

Nitrox package is $30.00 for (2) 80cuft bottles. If you are not certified in nitrox, we offer an on board nitrox introduction for $10.00 extra. Of course we do offer full PADI nitrox certification also.

With huge lava tubes (mouths 100ft. wide, extending back 150 ft.+), this is World Class Adventure diving!

You will love the diversity of life and topography Ni’ihau and Lehua Crater have to offer the intrepid diver. Monolithic lava formations provide for an array of habitats. It is the only dive destination in the world where your chances of respectfully observing a Hawaiian Monk Seal are great! Grey Reef sharks still patrol dive areas, with occasional Ono (Wahoo) swimming above near the surface.

It is always a weather/seas dependent trip with a 33 mile crossing from harbor to dive site areas. The distance between islands is 17 miles and is consistently do-able May thru Sept/October. However, there are “Weather Windows” throughout the year. We offer the service of watching those ‘windows’ of opportunity and are now offer the trip in the “Off-Season”, my favorite being February/March when the mantas are schooling for mating and the humpback whales are numerous.

3 tank Adventure diving at Ni’ihau and Lehua Crater.

A whole day of adventure and it starts out right as you leave the dock. We serve up a light breakfast as you watch the sunrise and start looking for pelagic creatures in the channel. We depart from Port Allen small boat harbor which is closer to Ni’ihau than Poipu harbor by 30-40 min.

Pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, rough tooth dolphins, sperm whales, baitballs and whale sharks can be encountered in the channel and we are always on the look out for them. A second light breakfast is served during an extensive dive safety briefing and marine ecology talk on what species to expect. Typically all 3 dives are offered as drift dives and safety sausages are provided to every diver. Drifting along vertical walls dropping to 300ft., we often share space with sharks, monk seals, mantas, eagle rays, as well as huge schools of pyramid and pennant butterfly fish. Changing habitats lead to different marine life.

Ni’ihau has the most amazing labyrinth network of lava tubes in the state. Mouths of the tubes are 100ft. wide and extend back 150ft+ only to drop into another passageway. Huge underwater erosional sea caves, and arches change the colors around you. This is topography that will blow your mind. It is the only dive destination in the world where you have an excellent chance to swim with the most endangered marine mammals in US waters, the Hawaiian Monk Seal. We mix up our dives sites, so please refer to the dive site menu for dive site options.

Our group size is small with a maximum of 9 divers on Kaimanu. With so few of us getting in the water, oftentimes marine mammals, fish, and elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) come right up to us! With proper diver etiquette advised in advance, divers get fantastic photo opportunities found at no other time. The charter is a marine ecology tour, and your guide will be with the group at all times, pointing out rare species.

The adventure is all about YOU and YOUR encounters, and we try to put you in the right place at the right time. Snorkeling during the surface intervals can give you visions of a lifetime and that’s what we try to do for you!

We also feed you very well. Over the years, hot pizza has been enjoyed by all. We are mixing up the menu a bit, adding in soup and fruits. This is great for our returning divers who come back every year. Find out what’s on the menu this year!

Ni’ihau should be considered advanced diving due to its remoteness, and the potential diving conditions. Buoyancy control, comfort on the surface while a boat is picking you up, and knowledge on drift diving is mandatory. We ask that you at least have in your possession a snorkel or rent one from us during your dives. We strongly encourage divers to dive with us ahead of a Ni’ihau charter to learn our drift diving techniques. While we take your safety very seriously, we will share amazing encounters, laugh, and have a grand day!