Kauai Scuba Dives

It really is all about the Marine Life and the Encounters!

Join us observing 350lb. turtles grazing, sharks resting during the day, or shrimp at an active cleaning station. The habitat for our marine life is Kauai’s geological history. The fantastic topography we find while diving old sea caves eroded by wave action millions of years ago creates wondrous habitats. BE HERE, it is YOUR sea story to share with loved ones! This is what happens on the charters….

Hawaiian monk seal

Hawaiian monk seal

From Sharks to Shrimp, Rare to numerous, Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!

We have destinations to the North, South, East, and West. We offer Boat diving for everyone from the most experienced scuba diver to the beginner who has never been diving. How many tanks would you like to dive in a day? We try to accommodate a personalized dive schedule for you and your family. Every charter is led by a naturalist and is a marine ecology tour underwater!
Nitrox is always available!

Boat dives leave from Port Allen small boat harbor which is in the town of Eleele just west of Poipu. (See map). Hurricane Iniki broke up the harbor in Poipu, so we moved to Port Allen small boat harbor in 1992. We found much more vibrant and living reefs with greater diversity to the west around Port Allen and so when the harbors division made us choose harbors, we chose to be closer to the more abundant dive sites. Drive time from Poipu is about 20 min. and it puts you closer to Niihau and the NaPali charters as well as great dive sites just minutes away.

We offer up our boat dives as either stationary dives from a mooring or drift dives between moorings or even with a live boat pick-up. Many dive sites are like Disneyland, where the experienced diver as well as the beginner diver can have an enjoyable dive day. Depth ranges typically from 30ft to as deep as 85ft with average dive depths around 50-60ft. Boat rides to dive sites can be as short as 3 minutes to as long as 40min. for the local charters. Group size is small and personal, up to 6 divers on the Dive Rocket and up to 8 on Kaimanu. Private boats are always available. Riders/snorkelers are welcome. Multiple day discount is available, please inquire.

Awesome Dives

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