2 Tank Dive

Kauai scuba dive - Splendida crab

For the Certified Diver.

We have over 30 different dive sites as close as 3 min. and as far as 45 min on Kauai’s south and southwest shores. Bubbles Below charters are fun, casually directed marine ecology tours led by a naturalist who is experienced in Hawaiian waters, and its residents. With our dive groups being small, we choose dive sites that are appropriate for the group based on dive conditions of the day, and the experience level of our divers. Often, we will start out with a stationary dive and once everyone has gotten their feet wet, the second dive can be a drift dive. Often, divers request a 3rd tank. If we have 2 or more divers, great! No problem!

Please see dive site selection for ideas on where we are diving and what you will be seeing.


7 days/week