3 Tank Advanced Adventure Dive

Kauai scuba dive - diver and school of fish

For the Certified Diver.

Dive the weather windows and explore year-round!

Seen Sheraton Caverns and want something more? New owner and Captain Clay O’Laughlin will get you out a little further with long standing DM’s that know the what’s at each site and will try for what you’d like to see and experience. Usually we have no more than 9 divers on any of our dives though an occasional extra diver or snorkeler may be added our sturdy boats can and will get you to some of the more remote sites less visited by large groups of divers.

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You must be able to drift, have good neutral buoyancy, possess a sense of adventure (and humor), and being willing to drift along heavily laden walls full of black coral, share space with large fish, and be ready for a truly breathtaking experience. Locations determined by weather and seasons. Our 3-tank dives include a catered light breakfast, a good hearty lunch, snacks, and drinks.


7 days a week
6:30am – 3-4:00pm

Please give us advance notice and we will watch the winds and see availability. We need a minimum of 5 divers to share costs in exploring the “unusual”.
We offer this year round, just the locations change!

South + Southwest

Awesome critter diving! Our crew dives these sites frequently, so your instructor/divemaster will have a great idea of where the most vibrant marine life can be found. Many of our dive sites are prime turtle destinations and are common hangouts for white tip reef sharks and massive schools of snappers! Take a look at our lists of southwest and south shore dive sites for full descriptions.

Includes 3-tanks, weights, fully catered, drinks, and a marine ecology tour.

East Side Walls

The East side walls have become a new favorite of ours! These sites are rarely available due to their location on the island’s windward side, but offer spectacular diving when conditions permit. You will see dramatic black coral and swim among schooling 100 lbs jacks, all while surrounded by towering vertical walls!

Includes 3-tanks, weights, fully catered, drinks, and a marine ecology tour.

Mana Crack

Mana Crack offers topography like no other, accompanied by clear waters and magnificent opportunities to dive with both white tip and grey reef sharks, rays (seasonal), and large jacks! Please see our page on Na Pali Coast/Mana Crack Diving for a more detailed description of where we are diving and what marine life you can look forward to seeing.

Includes 3-tanks, weights, fully catered, drinks, and a marine ecology tour.

Diving with Nitrox

For our 3-tank adventure dives, we recommend that you dive 1 air/2 Nitrox. Nitrox allows for a longer bottom time with our straighter profiles.

Cost for the Nitrox package is $30.00/2 bottles, $45/3 bottles. If you are not certified in Nitrox, well fantastic! An introduction is $10.00 extra.