Afternoon Twilight/Night Dive

For Certified Divers.

3 tanks of critter filled visions!

Excellent choice for those driving down from the north shore. Lots of bottom time for a single drive down to the south side. Usually we meet at 2:00pm, jumping right into a critter-intensive 3 tanks charter, diving right at the crepuscular dive time! An incredibly exciting time to dive with the urchins spawning along with so many species of fish! Love is in the Water!

Perhaps you only wish to dive 2 tanks? No problem! We meet at 4:15pm and offer our 2 tank twilight/night dive combo.

The Big Island has its manta ray night dive, we have crustacean night dives! The place is crawling!!! ( Sorry but no take dives) So many times during the year we are treated to the Southern Cross as we leave the water from our night dive. At night, with a dive light, there is much more color than during the day! Check it out.

For the 3 tank charter, we serve a dinner sandwich between dives, and in the winter, soup!


Thursdays, but maybe able to accommodate a shift in schedule, please inquire.
2 tank: Times to be determined based on season
3 tank: Times to be determined based on season
Give us a call!