Kaimanu boat


Kaimanu, our 36 ft. Lightning Fiberglass Radon was made here on Kauai! Coast Guard certified for 16 passengers + crew, but we do not overload her, keeping our group size to 8 divers max. She boasts a HOT shower and a dry cuddy.

Being a heavy weight champion, she is the favored boat to take across to Niihau if it’s going to be rough water. Twin 260 HP Cummins engines have her running at 16 knots continually.

Dive Rocket catamaran

Dive Rocket

Dive Rocket is 32 ft. of fast power in a catamaran hull! She has custom designed forward facing seats to sit comfortably and ergonomically correct to make crossing or simply give an enjoyable ride. A perfect size for a private boat rental for a family! She takes up to 6 passengers at a time. Her engines are 315 Yanmars and she flies in flat water around 23 knots. The Dive Rocket was also built here on Kauai by the same boat builder as Kaimanu.

If a larger party is looking for a vessel to put everyone on, please give us a call and we will see what we can do! Of course, we can always enlist our other vessel, to tag along and have pirate parties with!