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2 Tank Twilight / Night Shore Dives

2 tanks dive filled visions!

Quick Details

Certified Divers We will meet you at Koloa Landing

Koloa Landing 2 Tank Twilight / Night Shore Dive

Koloa Landing is the place to shore dive when on Kauai and our underwater tour guides / Dive Masters will take you to the best of the best for the evening!

A chance to see Kauai’s underwater night life at its best; seeing the reef before and after the sun goes down. If you’re super lucky you’ll get to swim with a nocturnal phenomenon called bio luminescence, which is very rare and only seen in a few areas throughout the world. Night dives give you a chance to see critters that are not out during the day such as lobster, shrimp, crab, colorful nudibranchs, Spanish Dancers, and other rare sights.

Excellent choice for those driving down from the north shore. We meet at 4:30pm in the winter months nd 5pm in the summer months for our twilight/night dive combo.

What to Bring:

Please bring beach attire and a towel


• Ages 14 and up
• Participants should be in good general health.
• All participants must sign a waiver
• All medical/physical restrictions must be declared at the time of reservation.
• Due to high-risk concerns for your unborn child and insurance liabilities, Bubbles Below discourages any pregnancy on board. For more information read our FAQ statement.