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Our Equipment & Boats

Need Gear?

80cu air tanks and weights are included on the charters. However, gear rentals are not. We are sorry to say that we do not offer off-site equipment rental.

scuba mask equipment

What We Offer

  • Sherwood Genesis BCDs
  • Sherwood magnum regulators with octopus
  • Genesis nitrox dive computers
  • Bare wetsuits mostly 5mm, a few 3 mm, and a few 7mm
  • Aeroskin hooded nylon vests are onboard if someone gets cold
  • 80 cubic foot aluminum tanks, and 63 cubic foot tanks, 100’s available for an additional $25 per
  • masks, snorkel, fins, booties


  • Nitrox
    • Nitrox is available for all charters at $15 per cylinder
    • 2 tanks of 32% Nitrox are included in the listed charter fees for all long range adventures, you can get the additional 3rd cylinder for $15


  • Full set of gear ($40)
    • Per Item: $10 for reg, $10 for BCD, $10 for Wetsuit, $5 for a mask and snorkel, $5 for fins
    • All gear is included with our private charters

Our Boats

If you’re looking for a vessel that will fit a larger party, please give us a call and we can see what we can do! Of course, we can always enlist our other vessel to tag along and have pirate parties!

scuba boat captain


Kaimanu, our 36 foot Lightning Fiberglass Radon, was made right here on Kauai! It’s Coast Guard certified for 14 passengers + crew, but we do not overload her, keeping our group to an average of eight divers and never more than 10. She boasts a hot shower and a dry cuddy. Being a heavyweight champion, she is the favored boat to take across to Ni’ihau if it’s going to be rough water. Twin 315 Yanmar engines have her running at 16 knots continually.

boat equipment

Dive Rocket

Dive Rocket is 32 feet of fast power in a catamaran hull! She has custom designed, forward facing seats to sit comfortably and ergonomically correct to give an enjoyable ride. Taking up to six passengers at a time, she’s a perfect size for a private boat rental! Her engines are 315 Yanmars and she flies in flat water around 23 knots. The Dive Rocket was also built here on Kauai by the same boat builder as Kaimanu.

dive rocket boat equipment