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  • Open Water Certification!

Scuba Classes

Safety Through Knowledge Is Empowerment!

Quick Details

Availability: Any day of the week

Duration: Approximately five hours

Read restrictions below.

Open Water Certification
Open Water Certification with eLearning
Open Water Referral Add 2 dives
Open Water Referral 4 dives
Advanced Open Water
Advanced Open Water with eLearning
Nitrox Course
Nitrox Course with eLearning
Rescue Diver Certification Call for Information
Rescue Diver Certification with eLearning Call for Informtion
Divemaster Training Call for Information

Choose from our array of scuba classes and certifications and begin your scuba diving journey!

What’s Included

Included: we will have all your student and gear needs with your instructor either on the shore or on the boat

What to Bring

Remember to wear sunscreen and bring a hat and/or sunglasses!

Scuba Classes

Discover Scuba Diving

Group size is limited to two to four students with one PADI certified instructor depending on the age of the student. Spending time verbally reviewing safety skills and the dive equipment is key to your empowerment. This allows you to perform and practice skills until you are so comfortable the skills are second nature to you. Now, when you go to the shore or boat, you can focus on fish and turtles.

Feeling comfortable in the water and time is limited?  You may go out on our 2 tank local charters the durations of your stay as a non certified scuba diver, we will limit you to 40′ in the open ocean but the sights are the same! Click here to learn about our South Shore Kauai dive sites.

Open Water Certification

This is your first step in becoming really proficient at safe scuba diving. Lessons are complete and fun! It’s a multi-media program designed to enhance your learning.  There is an old teaching style where the instructor relays personal experiences that are supposed to enhance your safety because you can learn by their mistakes/experiences. There is the new teaching style of “leave no topic untouched electronically.” We can priority mail your course at the postage fees for you or you can register for eLearning and work on the materials while waiting to arrive on Kauai, once passing the tests you’ll bring us your medical release then do your skills and 2 shore dives.  After that half day we will do another 2 half days on our two tank local charters for a total of 4 boat dives.  These three half days will get your Open Water certification to take anywhere in the world and it never expires! Click here  to learn more about our South Shore Kauai dive sites.

Open Water Referral

We believe in “overlearning” safety responses in scuba diving. One of the best ways to do so is to learn these skills in a pool class where you get lots of time to practice the correct response. Once you’re confident in your responses, venture to beautiful Kauai and finish your certification class in the warm ocean with the sea turtles!   Once we have your referral paperwork and signed medical release we will get you on the boat and discover Kauai’s open ocean!  We are universal instructors and can accept students from NAUI, SSI, SDI, YMCA, NASE, and of course, PADI!

Advanced Open Water

Take five adventure dives in our advanced class in the areas you choose to explore. You will be required to take your Peak Buoyancy and Underwater Navigation then can choose from Search and Recovery, Night Diving, Underwater Photography, Underwater Naturalist, and Drift Diving. Discussions and dives are designed to better hone your diving comfort by experiencing a variety of skill-enhancing experiences. We can offer it as a combination of boat and shore diving. PADI and Bubbles Below dive instructors both agree that you really need to increase your knowledge and safety skills of deep diving and navigation, so those are required in the advanced class.

Nitrox Specialty Course

The Nitrox Specialty is the most widely asked for as it can really increase your safety and your bottom time. We offer it by the PADI teaching system of book work, knowledge reviews, video, experience with an instructor.

Other Specialty Courses

Specialties are designed for a diver to spend more time discussing and practicing a particular area of scuba in-depth (no pun intended). Other specialties we can offer: Deep Diver, Multi-level, Drift, Boat Diver, Naturalist, Peak Performance, Project AWARE, Underwater Hunter, and Solo Diver, Digital Underwater Photography or Videography, there are many many more.  Maybe your working toward a DM Cert’s?!?


We offer Rescue Certification to include 12 skilled scenarios during 1 shore dive and 4 boat dives.  You will practice real life rescue techniques with our Team, study and complete the required course materials, watch the video, complete all tests before getting signed off.  This is a chance to see our fun loving underwater tour guides as raging lunatics!!

Dive Master

Bubbles Below Scuba Charters offers a full Dive Master course, inquiries are to be directed to Blondy for interview and options 808-332-7333.


  • No one under the age of 7 for private charters only on the boats. Call for questions about young children.
  • Due to high-risk concerns for your unborn child and insurance liabilities, Bubbles Below discourages any pregnancy on board. For more information read our FAQ statement.

PADI eLearning

Sign up through us for eLearning for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, or Enriched Air (Nitrox) courses

Please Note: The prices given do not reflect the price that PADI charges for the eLearning course.