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Year round diving off Kauai, Ni'ihau, and Mana Crack

Splash Into Our Scuba Tours

Discover the underwater world on our scuba diving tours! We have options for uncertified and certified divers alike. Jump into the blue waters around Hawaii and start your scuba adventure!

Whether you’re enjoying one of our scuba certified-only adventures or uncertified scuba experiences, all medical and physical restrictions must be declared at the time of reservation, and all participants must sign a waiver to ensure we can provide the best underwater journies for all of our customers.  We can certify as young as 8 years old as a Bubble Blower, 10 years old as a Junior Open Water Diver to depth of 40′ with a certified dive buddy, 12 – 14 year old’s can take their Advanced Open Water and dive to a depth of 70′, once you turn 15 you can go to depths of 100′! Non certified pre DSD students can dive from the boat to depths of 40′ that offer an awesome experience!

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Scuba Tours for Certified Divers

  • Full Day Adventure!

With huge lava tubes, this is world-class adventure diving! It is the only dive destination in the world where your chances of respectfully observing a Hawaiian monk seal are great!  Dive TV Box where the Black Coral that was nearly decimated in the 1970’s is making its come back and hangs from the ceiling an amazing 6′!  A resident Galapagos shark will often crash the party and of course possible sneak peaks from a Loggerhead Turtle or Manta Rays are possible!

Scuba Tours for Uncertified Divers