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Meet The Team

Our Team Members

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Bubbles Below is blessed to have half a dozen sub-contracted 1099’s to join us as needed. We have a range of options from new dive masters to seasoned instructors, always meeting the requirements of safety and fun!

On any given day there is at least one Boston Terrier at the store!  Blondy has retired from selective breeding but still has 3 beautiful girls. Betty is 9 years old, Rosie our 5 year old and Apple Pied is one of Rosie’s at almost 2 years old.  During the COVID-19 Blondy went and rolled around in the north shore mud to rescue a feral feline baby, Moki is now domesticated and best friends with Apple and a gift for our family!

Because we are not a 5 star PADI resort we can be your only duel certified PADI and SSI operation on Kauai. The 5 stars means that location has certified at least 5 Dive Masters, we’re okay with this status. Having the only SSI Instructor at our resort is an honor we will gladly share with our qualified PADI Instructors!

Another title only Bubbles Below has is all of our employees are Citizen Scientists available for NOAA, DOBOR, DAR, and DLNR. In short we’re gonna be available through the hotlines to evaluated, photo and stake off hauled our marine life (sunning on the beach). Our marine life is often mistaken as rocks when resting and for the safety of you and them we’ll be available for questions if you see any of us on the beaches.

Special Thanks

We want to thank all of our wonderful divers and friends who have been sending us feedback as well as spectacular pictures of their dives with us! Going through all the pictures, we still found ourselves saying “wow” and reliving those special moments underwater. We are so glad to have been able to share these great memories, and we are grateful that you have chosen to share your adventures with us and others!