Niihau Dive Sites

Bubbles Below will have you by the Walls! Come explore huge lava tubes with mouths 100ft wide! You will love the topographical diversity between Niihau and Lehua Crater! Monk Seals, rays, sharks, whalesharks, fishfalls, dolphins and whales! OH MY!

Vertical Awareness

Have you checked out You Tube for videos taken at Vertical awareness yet? Consider doing so. Linda actually named this site back in the stone ages of 1983. Absolute vertical walls from 45ft to 280ft. Great Hawaiian Monk Seal visions here, schooling opelu (makeral) and patrolling jacks. Excellent manta ray encounters happen here!

Pyramid Point Drift

Excellent vertical wall, large pelagics, sharks, seals, and a beautiful fish fall of pyramid butterflys.

Niihau Arches

Amazing network of erosional sea caves now submerged along with lava tubes underwater. This terrain reminds many divers of a sunken city. A primer for Puu Muu

Puu Muu

The largest network of submerged lava tubes in the State of Hawaii. I had wished to share it with the Division of Aquatic Resources from the State. However, their rules do not permit them to penetrate caverns this large. Huge massive black coral trees hang from the ceilings of these caverns, making for adorned visions looking out of the openings.

Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin surely was on my mind when I named this pinnacle dive site. You traverse deep water to the windward side of Lehua, bringing in sharks as you go!

Linda’s Crack

(yes, and we only make jokes about the name in person, not on a website), offered up for snorkeling or diving. Fabulous rare visions are found here, trust me, jump in!

Niihau Chimney

Enter the reef through a vertical shaft penetrating the reef and opening up at 70 ft. Very cool beginnings, often we have manta rays and dolphins on this dive area.

South Point

3 hr. boat ride, plan on crazy current, jacks and sharks!

Lobsters are us!

One amazing long lava tube filled with yellow finned squirrel fish and lobsters.