For Uncertified Divers:
Discover Scuba Program

Scuba Lessons from Bubbles Below, Kauai

Not Certified but want to try? WAY COOL!

We don’t push, and we don’t prod. We just relax, laugh, and learn together. You can start out in a pool or go directly to the ocean. This class is all about safety and safe scuba skills and you still get to swim with huge turtles! The pool session is highly recommended.

At the pool you will do a small interactive talk, and some pool work to get you comfortable diving! You can do this all in one day where we do the pool session at 9am then you meet the afternoon boat, OR do it on two separate days! We will work around your vacation! Do the pool session one day and the boat dive another. Totally up to you. The boat dive is well worth it as we have more going on underwater as well as above. Chances are the boat dive will have better visibility and more marine life. Often it has lots more live coral. Once underwater, it’s a marine scuba tour! You are diving with the turtles, swimming in schools of fish, checking out eels and more.

Max depth is 40 ft.

All discover scuba lessons have a private instructor for just you and your family, max number of divers: 4.

Download medical waiver form (mandatory)


Pool and 2 tank boat dive: $220.

Includes all gear, private instruction, snacks & water.