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Mana Crack Dives w/ NaPali Coast Tour

Swim through large fissure cracks and explore 11 miles of sunken barrier coral reef.


Good schools of surgeons and mirror uluas, accompanied by cool topography.


Yep, rocket parts on the bottom! Grey reef sharks and white tips, great for eagle rays.

Dragon Chunks

Broken off chunks of reef that provide good topography with blue dragon nudibranchs, unusual fish, and sharks.


Awesome cracks to swim through – the best on the planet! Large schools of jacks, greys, and more.


Named for a pair of slingjaw wrasses seen here. Ah, gee, they are thought only to be from Papahanoumokuakea… must have just dropped in!

Some Fish

Actually named for the rarest coral head in all of the main Hawaiian Islands, an Acropora coral tree!

Mana 4 U

Grey reef sharks, nice cuts, and java eels.

Earl’s Final Cut

Sharks, huge barracudas, and excellent white sand visions!

Milili Rises

Meandering along interesting topography with sharks!