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South Shore Kauai Dive Sites

Great Sea Creature Diving: leaf scorpionfish, pregnant male pipefish, frogfish, turtles, and more!

Zak’s Pocket

Lava fingers extend out on the southernmost tip of Kauai, creating excellent swim-by potential. This is a beautiful sea whip fantasy area with healthy coral!

Toilet Bowl

Deep lava ridges fall down into white, white sand. Great for garden eels!

Brennecke’s Ledge

Old coastline now underwater with large undercuts good for critters and sharks!

Sheraton Caverns

Our answer to sting ray alley in the Caymans but with turtles. Cool V-shaped lava tubes.

Deep Pinnacle

Here, you can find great black coral, anthias, and swim-bys. Offered only on the advanced three-tank charter.

Stone House

Shallow dive with nice exydoyi coral heads (kind of like an antler coral).

First Break

Stays clean often with more exydoyi coral heads.

Ice Box

Has resident white tip reef sharks!

Sculptured Reef

Shallow, giving you the opportunity to kick about with small ledges.

Beach House Arch

Lava archway home to good shell life.

Fast Lanes

Deeper lava fingers with turtles and nice schools of surgeons.

Turtle Bluffs

One of my favorites! Can be dived in many ways. The old coastline of Kauai has erosional caves, overhangs, great swim-bys, large schools of snappers, sharks, and lots of turtles!

Yellow Brick Road

One of the fishiest dives on Kauai! LOTS of schools and varieties of fish.

Shallow Pinnacle

As shallow as three feet, this site took out the bottom of the Pele shipwreck, a ship that sunk half a mile after hitting the site. Great fish life!

Fish Bowl

Huge school of snappers and great undercuts!

General Store

Resting site of the Pele shipwreck, plus lava tubes!

River Bed

Deep and straight profile, but prolific in life! Lots of planktivores.

School House

Tumble down a ledge of boulders with large schools. Very, very large angels dwell here!

Pennant Playground

Feeling like you need some fish rain? Pennants are the planktivore who swoop down on you in mass numbers. Nice coral trees, too!

Something Fishy

Sharks! And always a large school of Moorish idols.