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Never been diving but want to try? Very cool, no problem!
Have experience but want lower air consumption? We have some great strategies to help!
Instruction is usually private and totally about YOU.

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We offer you a choice so that YOU can be in charge! We are interested in your enjoyment as we wish you complete success. Group size is usually limited to your family. Spending time verbally reviewing safety skills and the dive equipment is key to your empowerment.

  • Start at Koloa Landing with shore dives.
    This allows you to perform and practice skills till you are so comfortable the skills are second nature to you. Now if you go to the boat as a scuba diver on this trip, you can focus on fish and turtles.
  • Feeling secure in the water already, and/or time is limited?
    You may continue to shore dive or book on a charter using those new scuba diving skills!
  • Children 10yrs.-12yrs
    The Young ones will be 2:1 student to instructor for PADI Bubble Blower program then head out and dive with the family to a max 40′ depth that is just as awesome!
Open Water Referral

We believe in “overlearning” safety responses in scuba diving. One of the best ways to do so is to learn these skills in a pool class where you get lots of time to practice the correct response. Great, you can do this at home, no problem. Then venture to beautiful Kauai and finish your certification class in the warm ocean with the sea turtles! Dive the first day from the shore and then the second day, hop on the boat and discover Kauai offshore! We are Universal instructors and can accept students from NAUI/SSI/SDI/YMCA/NASE/ and of course, PADI!

4 dives with gear $370. You will do two 2 tank local dives with your instructor and no more than 3 other students.

Open Water Certification

This is YOUR first step in becoming really proficient at safe scuba. Lessons are complete and fun! It’s a multi-media program designed to enhance your learning. There is old teaching style where the instructor relays personal experiences that are suppose to enhance your safety because you can learn by their mistakes/experiences. There is the new teaching style of “leave no topic untouched electronically”. We prefer to combine the two teaching systems so that you receive a personalized experiential learning system which is fun!

Cost is $520.00 and includes all gear and certification upon successful completion of skills and test.

Advanced Open Water

5 adventure dives In our advance class you are invited to participate in what areas you choose to explore. You can choose to explore search and recovery, night diving, u/w photography, boat diving, u/w naturalist, and drift diving. Discussions and dives are designed to better “hone” your diving comfort by experiencing a variety of skill enhancing experiences. We offer it as a combination of boat and shore diving, but we can offer it anyway YOU choose! PADI and Bubbles Below dive instructors both agree that you really need to increase your knowledge and safety skills of deep diving and navigation so those are required in the advance class.

Cost: $520 that includes your PADI AOW packet with your learning materials, gear one 2 tank local and one 3 tank advanced charters (or three 2 tank local charters if we need) and your private instructor.

Nitrox Specialty and Other Specialties

Specialties are designed for a diver to spend more time discussing and practicing in-depth (no pun intended) a particular area of scuba. The Nitrox specialty is the most widely asked for as it really can increase your safety and your bottom time. We offer it by the PADI teaching system of book work, knowledge reviews/video/ experience with an instructor and 2 tanks of nitrox. cost $220

Other specialties we can offer: Deep Diver, Multi-level, drift, boat diver, naturalist, peak performance, Project AWARE, u/w hunter, solo diver. Rescue and Divemaster classes can also be scheduled.

Personal Dive Trainer

Ever wish that you could dive as smoothly as the divemaster? Often with a few technique improvements or with added awareness there can be a profound effect on diver hydrodynamic ability. Consider allowing us to help you become an “easy moving” diver, even in the current. This is done during your normal daily dive charters. Or perhaps you haven’t been diving in awhile and would like a safe scuba review before you get on the boat. Please call and let us know what you would like to work on, for your safety, for your enjoyment!

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