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East Side Kauai Dive Sites

Bubbles Below Is the First and Only to Offer East Side Dive Sites 

East side dives typically open up in the winter time when we get the doldrums of wind. We visited quite a bit in 2011 and again this year and loved the huge jacks! All these sites are exposed to the tradewinds.

Anahola Drops

Lots of predator fish like schools of jacks and grey reef sharks, who are used to taking fish, come right up to you!

Kealia Ledge

Good ledge line runs perpendicular to the current, but needs correct conditions to dive.

Wailua Caves

Guaranteed big fish action!

Lukemback Shipwreck

Swim through an old shipwreck in just 20 feet of water! Lots of cool debris strewn around.

Dragon Heads

Very dramatic structure underwater. We once saw a whale swim thought it!

Black Coral Arch

Deep! Must be aware of surroundings, but it’s abundant with endemic Hawaiian Anthias.

Ninini Point Lighthouse

Good second dive with lots of surgeons and live tiger cowries!

Twin Caves

Erosion sea caves that often are “holding!”

Carter’s Point

Can you say “eagle rays”???