North Shore Kauai Dive Sites

Bubbles Below Is the First and Only to Offer North Shore Dives

Chartered mostly with private parties. Contact us via email to learn more about scheduling dives at these exciting sites.

Kee Beach Surprise

Exciting lava formations and swim-throughs. Can only be reached by boat!

Coral Grotto

Some of the oldest lobe corals found in Kauai’s waters – look under their lip for the lobsters and cowrys!


V-shaped crack with several pinnacles enabling divers to get the deep water feeling and have the potential for some great action!

Blue Bluffs

Yellow millet seed butterflies follow you around!

Condo Caves

Classic north shore lava tunnels with large jacks.


Huge lava tube arch and rare morwongs.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Surgeons and bird shadows as they dive for your bubbles.

Crater Hill

Coolest topography dive Linda has ever seen. You just need the right weather window. The arches will blow you away.